Junior Carthasis

By David C. Mahler

David was barely out of his teens when I first encountered his 'Coracle' series, a combination of biographical shorts, humour and comics poetry, all drawn with a confident line and fully formed style that belied his years.  Several cartoonists producing strong personal works in atypical styles had emerged in Melbourne around this time.  It really felt like something was in the water with the burgeoning local scene.  Most comics scenes I've flitted around the edges of revolved around people making genre comics, watered down versions of the worst of American comics.  These Melbourne kids didn't care about superheroes, they were making comics for themselves and each other.

Comics Journal writer Rob Clough described David's 2013 graphic novella 'Deep Park' as being 'Darkly Satirical and absurdist sense of humour not unlike that of Matthew Thurber', which is an apt way  to describe much of Junior Catharsis.  It's not all gags though, with wry observations on nature and humanity a constant in David's work

As well as producing comics David is a passionate Filmmaker and illustrator.  On a few occasions I've sarcastically implied, 'one day you'll abandon the 'Ghetto' of comics and concentrate on a more serious pursuit.'  'like a serious one that pays real money.'  As a selfish fan though, I forever hope he'll keep his hands in comics.

Enjoy this first retrospective comics collection by David C Mahler.  I hope you'll join me in pressuring him into abandoning any sensible career and to keep making comics.

Matthew Emery

Pikitia Press (Co-Publisher)