Printing Squishzine Brunstown for Squishface Comics Studio

Slowly Squishzine Brunstown volumes 2 and 3 are coming to life.  With work from past and present members of Squishface Comics Studio these two volumes contain both hilarious and heartfelt pieces set within the Brunswick locale. 

Thanks to everyone who supported the Pozible campaign and respect to Ben Hutchings, Jess Parker and the Squishface crew for putting everything together.

Learning the Risograph Ropes

Everythings shaping up.  My MZ 770A risograph arrived from perth.  Sadly it was a little worse for wear on arrival, but with a little butchery of another machine it was up and running in no time.  The only problem was all the sounds of a riso in action had me thinking it was ready to blow.  With the experience of a few thousand copies I'm getting my confidence up and with the recent completion of 220 comics for the Mini Comic of the Month Club I'm really happy with how the riso's working.

The two drum MZ 770A.

The two drum MZ 770A.

So far the colours I have are Bright Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange and Black.  I hope to get more colours soon with Yellow, Fluro Pink, White, Gold and Light Grey all on the wishlist.  After chatting with the wonderful Ashley Ronning of Helio Press, Marc Pearson and Michael Hawkins of Glom Press and Alice Camm I've worked out some good places to source paper (Ball and Doggetts) and Ink (Wholesalewidgets in the states and the local supplier Imagetec).

Some riso work by Jess Parker, Ben Hutchings and Alex Clark.

Some riso work by Jess Parker, Ben Hutchings and Alex Clark.

I have a couple exciting upcoming projects with Squishface Comics Studio as everyone is getting work printed for Tonerpalooza 2 Zine fair on the 24th of September.  If anyone is interested in getting some work printed or curious about the process please feel free to get in touch at or

A New Year and a Fresh Start

2016 was a busy year.  In publishing the 3 Tree Paper anthologies I learnt a lot working with some talented Australian and New Zealand cartoonists and also with Jefferies Printers.  One of the most important things was the need to keep my finger on the pulse.  It wasn't always easy balancing full time work and publishing, but I survived.  In 2017 it's a fresh start and I begin a new adventure in full-time publishing, printing and my own personal creative work.  In the next few months I'm looking to set up my studio and gather all the equipment I need.  Exciting times.

The festival of the photocopier (FOTP) is almost here.  Last year I found I spent just as much time wandering around as I did at my table so I'll be sharing with Pikitia Press.  I look forward to spending too much money, awkward rambling to everyone I meet and selling a couple of comics.  It should be fun and I hope to see you there.

Tree Paper Issue 1

All is slowly taking shape.  After a long day delivering mail I came home to find the first issue of Tree Paper had arrived.  I'm really happy with how its turned out and send my thanks to the wonderful artists that contributed comics and the good folks at Jeffries Printers for their great work.  You can get this issue at the Festival of the Photocopier this Sunday at the Melbourne town hall and from the shop.

The preparations for this weekend at FOTP are underway with things a little less frantic at the day job (the mail must get through!).  I hope to have a ruggedly handsome compilation of my own work together and maybe even some snazzy badges!  I look forward to meeting a lot of old and familiar faces and scouting for some more comic artists for the anthologies. And lastly I look forward to spending way too much money and adding to my slowly growing collection of zines.  See you there!

Welcome to Tree Paper Comics

Happy New Year and welcome to Tree Paper Comics an Australasian micro-publisher of comics and graphic novellas.  The first issue and our inaugural publication Tree Paper will be released in Early February.  I'm very excited to have worked with Matt Emery, David Mahler, Lizzie Nagy, Dominica Duckworth, James James and Meg O'Shea to produce this anthology of great stories

Another cause for excitement is the upcoming Festival of the Photocopier organized by The Sticky Institute (Feb 14).  I'm looking forward to tabling there along with Pikitia Press and a whole bunch of talented Zine-makers from all over.  We'll have the first issue of the Tree Paper anthology and a whole bunch of zines from various artists.  It's going to be great to meet a lot of creative people with a love of zines and comics.