Tree Paper Issue 1

All is slowly taking shape.  After a long day delivering mail I came home to find the first issue of Tree Paper had arrived.  I'm really happy with how its turned out and send my thanks to the wonderful artists that contributed comics and the good folks at Jeffries Printers for their great work.  You can get this issue at the Festival of the Photocopier this Sunday at the Melbourne town hall and from the shop.

The preparations for this weekend at FOTP are underway with things a little less frantic at the day job (the mail must get through!).  I hope to have a ruggedly handsome compilation of my own work together and maybe even some snazzy badges!  I look forward to meeting a lot of old and familiar faces and scouting for some more comic artists for the anthologies. And lastly I look forward to spending way too much money and adding to my slowly growing collection of zines.  See you there!