A New Year and a Fresh Start

2016 was a busy year.  In publishing the 3 Tree Paper anthologies I learnt a lot working with some talented Australian and New Zealand cartoonists and also with Jefferies Printers.  One of the most important things was the need to keep my finger on the pulse.  It wasn't always easy balancing full time work and publishing, but I survived.  In 2017 it's a fresh start and I begin a new adventure in full-time publishing, printing and my own personal creative work.  In the next few months I'm looking to set up my studio and gather all the equipment I need.  Exciting times.

The festival of the photocopier (FOTP) is almost here.  Last year I found I spent just as much time wandering around as I did at my table so I'll be sharing with Pikitia Press.  I look forward to spending too much money, awkward rambling to everyone I meet and selling a couple of comics.  It should be fun and I hope to see you there.