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David Mahler

David Mahler is a comic artist and filmmaker from Melbourne Australia. His comics have appeared in Voiceworks, The Lifted Brow, The Suburban Review, Palooka Magazine, Cordite Poetry Review and more. His graphic novella ‘Deep Park’ and comic collection ‘Junior Catharsis’ were published by Pikitia Press and Tree Paper Comics.

Publication history

Junior Catharsis - Pikitia Press and Tree Paper Comics, 2017
Deep Park - Pikitia Press, 2013

Coracle #1 - 10
Kahvillen Comics #1 - 5

Suburban Review, magazine - How Do You Know?
Palooka, magazine Animals
Suburban Review, online - My True Love, Sex Knot
Entropy Magazine, online - Earth Maps
Cordite Poetry Review, online - Winking Fever
Voiceworks, magazine - Light Pollution, Night Portals, Planting Song, Clarice, The Echo of the Celestial Cacophony, Sensations, We Connected Across a River…
The Lifted Brow, magazine - Golden Reef Seaweed Co, Fingernail Blood
Fluid Prejudice, comic anthology - My True Love
Naturegraffix, magazine - My True Love
Flying Fox, comic anthology - Fingernail Blood, Ghost Sensations, Times Like TheseMichael
Tree Paper Comics, comic anthology - Thunder Storm
Dailies, comic anthology - Paulau and Nem 1, Some Things You Gotta Know…Paulau and Nem 2
Victoria Drug Scene, comic anthology - Profit Prophet
Everyday Life Can Be Pretty Interesting Stuff, comic anthology - Gallery Opening
Betanarratives, online - Body Language: Ears - collaboration with Melanie Joosten
Grapple Annual - The Connected World
Australian Scout Magazine - Monthly cartoonist 2009 - 2016